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If a spot is good for one mau - it must be good for all the maus!

      The Royal Family continues to grow and is spread across the country. All our new owners are part of The Royal Family and we look forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of their Royal Children. We especially enjoy visiting at shows and at owners’ homes. Our special thanks to all our owners for not only getting your mau(s) from us, but especially for providing the best homes possible so that the Royal Children want for nothing. You are doing a terrific job at pampering and spoiling these spotted beauties, or are they training you to pamper and worship them as they did the Pharaohs?! Once a mau has stolen your heart, they never give it back!

Lyra Flies!

Be prepared for your mau to go airborn at any time. Maus are VERY good jumpers! Maus train their humans to play with them for endless hours upon hours.



GP Ra's Abi's HaSet

Haset finds time to check the weather on the web...

GP Ra's Abi's Bodi

While cousin HaSet might surf the web...Bodi finds a more cat-like use for a warm computer!


Beamer and Sevda

GP Beamer and
GP Sevda

A radiator is always warm...

GP Sevda and GP Beamer

Maus will find the most comfortable place....

Beamer and Sevda



AG, a Meketra boy, now lives in Connecticut where he is being worshiped by his Burmese housemates.

Like all maus, he will find a high point to supervise from.

It seems that he is also teaching his human, Don, the finer points of billards.

AG Pool Playing


Maui and Aakhu

These smoke boys also live with a friendly ferret - now about this imitation thing...

      Maui and Aakhu, smoke brothers, make their home in Delaware with Tracy and Keith. Their playmates include three cats (one Maine Coon and two domestic shorthairs) and a ferret. Tracy and Keith fell in love with the smoke maus at the Newark, Delaware show and traveled to New England to see all three smoke kittens to acquire one. These two brothers made a pack to stay together and made it so difficult for Tracy and Keith to choose between them that they acquired both boys!!!



Princess Tiya, a Future girl, and her playmate.


Tiya and her Bobtail housemate inspect the outdoors!

AG Pool Playing
      Tiya, a silver girl, makes her home in Rhode Island with two Japanese Bobtail tormentors. Her human family (Ray, Eileen and their two sons Kevin and Andrew) provides a fitting life and palace for Queen Tiya who is also a famous diva. She can be found in the Page-A-Day 365 Cats Calendar on the April 2, 2002 page! As a kitten, she had the same look and temperament of her mother Future that made it hard to let her leave us. We know that she brings much joy and laughter to her new family.


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