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THE ROYAL KITTENS  -  Previous Litters

These "maulettes" are captivating from birth. It is amazing to watch them as they go from helpless (as ever a mau can be) balls of spots, to world exploring dynamos where nothing is impossible!


Maui, O-G, and Midnight

A Look at the Last Future and Meketra Litters

Meketra and Beamer
Meketra and Beamer gave us six beautiful kittens a month after Future gave us Moonbeam (see below). There are two silver boys, two silver girls, and two smoke boys. Dark at birth (except for one silver girl), they have continued to lighted up and show remarkable spotting and contrast. Future, bored with just one kitten, moved right in and helped her daughter Meketra (who said "Good news - grandma's here to babysit so I can go party about the house!"). Meketra was somewhat confused with Moonbeam, who was running and playing when he moved in. Meketra thought all the kittens should be quiet and sleeping, but after dragging him back to the birthing box for the third time just gave up and let him roam. She did seem somewhat confused why this kitten was so much larger all of a sudden...

Meketra Litter

Meketra and her litter
at three weeks

Meketra kittens sleeping
at two weeks

Meketra kittens

Meketra silver

Meketra and light silver girl -
always time for a bath and a nap

Meketra kittens -
smoke and three silvers
at three weeks

Meketra kittens

Future and Beamer
Future and Beamer gave us one incredibly stunning kitten. Only one name could be used and that was Moonbeam. So, introducing Emau's Moonbeam of Ra's Abi. He was big at birth and since he had the milk bar all to himself, seems to be ahead of the curve in everything as he grows. Bright eyed and into everything, he can't wait until his Meketra cousins are big enough to play with.

Future and Moonbeam

Future and Moonbeam
at one week

Moonbeam -
a face that just "beams"
at six weeks



Moonbeam -
not just a pretty face, but spots too!

Not to be Forgotten - Previous Litters


Two-week old smoke and silver babies

The Silver Girls - Future and daughters Meketra and Tiya

Silver Girls


I am O-G, hear me ROAR!!

The Three Amigos - Future kittens

Three Amigos


Future -- the ultimate mother

Meketra - Dreaming of Stardom....


See Acquiring a Mau for information.


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