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Showing an Egyptian Mau can be a very exciting experience. We love to get the cats out where the public can see these wonderful animals. If we hadn't seen a mau at a show, we would have never known about this rare breed. While it is always thrilling to have one of your cats acknowledged by a judge at a show, the reaction of and response from spectators is also exciting. The important thing about showing is that it provides feedback from objective trained experts about how your cats meet the defined CFA breed standard. When you live with them, their personality takes over your heart and can obscure your objectivity.

In the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), Pedigreed cats are competed in three categories: Kittens (age 4 to 8 months), Championship (over 8 months) or Premiership (cats over 8 months that have been neutered or spayed). We compete our Egyptian Maus both for National awards and titles and for Regional Awards. New England is in the North Atlantic Region which is consistently one of the top two toughest regions to earn awards in. The NAR includes all of New England, eastern Canada, eastern New York, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania. Details of CFA titles can be found on the "Grands" page.

The CFA has a competition for non-pedigreed cats, Household Pets (HHP) category. CFA scores the HHP competitions as it does Pedigreed Cats and provides Regional Awards to the top 25 highest scoring HHP at the end of the show season. Starting with the 2015 Show season (May 1) they will also earn titles similar to pedigree cats.

CFA also offers Feline Agility competition. In this category, the cats are scored for the time taken to run a ten obstacle course. They get points for the number of obstacles completed in under four and a half minutes. If all obstacles are completed, bonus points are scored for the time below the max allowed. Obstacles include steps, hoops, hurdles, tunnels, and weave poles.

Nepra - Nova Scotia

Eli - agility
On the left, Nepra stretches and shows himself off as Judge Pearson checks his coat for resiliency and undercoat. On the right, Eli flies through one of the 10 obstacles on the agility course.


The current show season is one with a grand quest! Kara kittens Naji, and Omani started their granding quest along with Pharoah Rafi and were rewarded with a Ra's Abi Cattery first - Granding three cats at the same show! Rafi granded in Championship and Omani and Naji granded in Premiership. Household pet Sadie has also been out to some shows.

Lily, Omani, Naji

left to right

3 Kara Kittens


GC Ra's Abi's Rafi

Grand Champion

SHOW STARS 2015-2016


CH, AM Ra's Abi's Adara
National 10th Best Cat in Agility
North Atlantic Region (NAR) 2nd Best of Breed
NAR 2nd Best Cat in Agility

CH Ra's Abi's Jamilla (aka Bella) -- NAR 3rd Best of Breed
GP, AW Ra's Abi's Ramsey -- NAR 6th Best Cat in Agility
GP, AW Ra's Abi's Ammir -- NAR 7th Best Cat in Agility
PR, AC Ra's Abi's Annika -- NAR 9th Best cat in Agility
GH, HRW, AW Buddy -- North Atlantic Region 8th Best HHP
GH, HRW Kelsey Belle -- North Atlantic Region 10th Best HHP


This year had Adara competing in agility and earning a National top 10 - following in Eli and Modoni's success of earlier years.

2015-2016 was also the first season that Household Pets competed for grand (GH) titles and where the top 10 HHP in the region earn HRW awards presented (Household Pet Regional Award).

Brothers Ramsey and Ammir both granded and along with sister Annika finished in the top 10 in Agility for the North Atlantic Region.

GH, HRW Kelsey Belle

Grand Household Pet (GH)
HHP Regional Winner (HRW)

CFA Competitor 2005-2015



CH, AM Ra's Abi's Adara

Champion (CH)
Agility Master (AM)
2016 National 10th Best Agility Competitor

GH, HRW, AW Buddy

Grand Household Pet (GH)
HHP Regional Winner (HRW)




GP, RW Blakewood Adi Brina of Ra's Abi -- North Atlantic Region 25th Best Cat in
GC, AC Schooiertjes Kara of Ra's Abi -- North Atlantic Region Best Egyptian Mau
Kelsey Belle -- North Atlantic Region 3rd Best HHP
Buddy -- North Atlantic Region 7th Best HHP


The current show season is showcasing the boys - brothers Arya (Ra'sAbi's Arya of Schooiertjes) and Rafi (Ra's Abi's Rafi). Arya granded at the Bremen, Germnay show in October and after a break from showing as a kitten, Rafi is ready to continue his quest.

Rafi and Arya are being joined by seasoned show veterans Amirah and Alina. Grand Premier Amirah has enjoyed showing again in Premiership (after about 4 years off) while daughter Alina has been working on earning her Grand Premier title. Both are born show cats and love coming back out into the show hall. Judges are amazed when they see that Amirah is almost 10 years old! Alina continues to wow the judges after having taken several years off to raise her kittens (show stars Eli, Ari, Ziva and Kanika!).

Our mature Havana Brown Brina (Blakewood Adi Brina of Ra'sAbi) is wowing judges this show season. In September this gorgeous rare breed of cat earned her Grand Premier title at National Capitol Cat Show and in November made 4 finals at the CFA World Show. To cap off the season, she finished with a regional win - 25th Best Cat in Premiership in the North Atlantic Region

Household pets Buddy and Kelsey Belle will continue to make suprise visits to the show hall!


GC, RW Blakewood Adi Brina of Ra's Abi

Regional Winner - 2015
Grand Premier - September 2015


rising show star



GC Ra's Abi's Arya of Schooiertjes

Grand Champion, October 2014

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