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In The Temple of Mennefer

Mennefer is the name of the temple of Safe haven. An Egyptian Mau sits here surrounded by the ancient writings that tell of the temple's origin, the cat Goddess Bast, the mau, all cats, and the Mau, her sacred spotted cats

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Leslie Newcomer


      The History of the Egyptian Mau is long and steeped in legend. From the times of ancient Egypt where a small North African desert cat started sharing space with man, finally becoming domesticated (or was it the man...?) and a loving companion.

The Princess

The Russian Princess and her Maus
One of these could be Magic's ancestor!

photo courtesy of
J. Archibald, Haj Cattery

      The mau was first brought to the United States by an exiled Russian Princess, Nathalie Trobetskoy, in the late 1950's. She had received her first maus from the Egyptian Ambassador to Rome. These cats are the basis for all the maus in North America. These lines were later broadened with import lines from India and later from Egypt.

      Remember, though the cat started in ancient times, many of the traits of this ancient cat survive in the kittens of today...

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Nadira returns to her jungle roots


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