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These "maulettes" are captivating from birth. It is amazing to watch them as they go from helpless (as ever a mau can be) balls of spots, to world exploring dynamos where nothing is impossible!

Alina Kittens

Three week old kittens -
three smokes and two silvers

Reservations for Upcoming Litters:   Reservations are being accepted for upcoming litters. Please see the "Acquiring a Mau" page for details.



How many kittens are there?

Alina and her day old kittens!

Alina and Kittens

Alina boys

Alina silver boys

Alina and her kittens!

Where Alina goes - so do the kittens. How is a mom to get any rest?

Alina and Kittens

Amirah and Magic: Silvers and Smokes!!

These parents have given us two beautiful litters. These kittens have changed more than any other litters that we have had and it has been fun watching them develop into beautiful kittens that are a wonderful blend between the mom's long elegance and the father's traditional lines. Look for their daughters, Alina and Kanika, on the Show Stars page!

Meketra Litter

Meketra and her litter of smoke and silver kittens
at three weeks

Meketra and silver daughter -
always time for a bath and a nap

Meketra silver

Meketra kittens

Meketra smoke kitten (center) - dreaming of the good life!

Mama playing with her baby!

Raya Kitten

Sebua kittens

Silver and bronze Sebua kittens at 10 days old

Future and silver son Moonbeam at one week

Future and Moonbeam


Moonbeam -
a face that just "beams"
at six weeks

Silver kitten at three days

Raya kitten

Raya kittens

Seven week old kittens - one smoke and three silvers

I am O-G, hear me ROAR!!



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