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SHOW STARS 2005-2006
The 2005-2006 show season can be seen as one of relaxation and enjoyment. This is a slower season with time spent showing silver Raya kittens Benu and Amirah (in championship) and Sebua kittens Haset (bronze) and Sevda (smoke), both in premiership. All have that love of showing that their parents had and had success as kittens - usually going against one another and trading wins. Amirah did exceptionally well against 14 other egyptian mau kittens (including Benu, Haset, and Sevda) at the first GEMS (Global Egyptian Mau Society) show in July where she was the highest scoring egyptian mau kitten! She was the only mau to make three finals (at least one was used in each final) and shared one with cousin Sevda. In January, Benu Granded with points to spare on Saturday at the Burlington, VT show and then made two finals as a Grand on Sunday! Meanwhile, Haset also made quite a few points in Burlington and after two shows is just a few point shy of becoming our first bronze grand.


GP Ra's Abi's Haset

Grand Premier, April 2006

First Ra's Abi Bronze Grand

GP Ra's Abi's Haset

Shows himself off on the judging table


Kelsey Belle

Kelsey Belle

This wonderful girl shares the mau's love of showing.

Alright - she is missing a few spots, but this wonderful tortie and white shorthair that Carol adopted justs loves to show off for the judges in the Household Pet Competition. This is a wonderful way for new exhibitors to be introduced to the fun of showing cats (without all the competition in the purebreed rings). Kelsey loves every minute of it and ususally is one of the top HHP in show. And she still had time to stop and smell the flowers....

A quiet season was needed after.....

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