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Opera Ghost

Grand Premier (GP)
Ra�s Abi�s Opera Ghost (OG)
Our First Ra's Abi Grand!

Our silver boy received his
at the Springfield, MA show held 8/10-11/02!
The following week in Boston, OG was the
highest scoring Shorthair kitten in show
making 6 of 8 finals, and third highest scoring kitten overall.

Opera Ghost
OG and his smoke brother, CH Ra's Abi's Midnight at the Oasis showed against each other as kittens and have been very exciting to show. Both had a wonderful show presence and judges had great difficulty in choosing between the two as kittens. Do they go with the great contrast of OG - or the wonderful spotting and great undercoat so seldom seen in smoke Maus? Easy, at the Boston show, one judge used both in the final!

As adults, OG has had a much more successful career. He is the born show cat, reminding us so much of his grandmother Future. He easily granded near the end of the 2002 show season and had a few shows where he was the highest scoring shorthair premier before the new season started. 2003 has been up and down, but he remains the bump and purr show cat that he was as a kitten.

Midnight at the Oasis

CH Ra's Abi's Midnight at the Oasis

Our smoke boy held his own against his brother OG with a Third Best Kitten Award at the Springfield, MA show held 8/10-11/02!!
At Boston, he made two finals - sharing one with his brother where
TWO MAUS were used!!

CH,PR Ra's Abi's Midnight at the Oasis

even more striking as an adult

Midnight at the Oasis

Midnight (aka Mo) obtained the title of Champion (CH), but retired when he had about half the points needed to grand. Mo was much more intersted in finding an available girl cat than in impressing judges. During his short show career, we continued to get compliments from judges about this outstanding smoke. After being neutered, he showed in Premiership and made about half the points required to grand before telling us that it was more fun to stay at home with roommates Azizah and Pentu and his loving human, Chris. We are very proud of his show accomplishments!


GP New Kingdom Bianca of Ra's Abi

Silver girl Grand Premier (GP)
First mau from England to Grand in CFA!!!

At the 2002 International Cat Show in Houston, Bianca was the highest placing Mau in Premiership, receiving a 9th from Judge Kim Everett.

We want to thank Melissa Bateson of New Kingdom Cattery in England for entrusting us with her beautiful girl Bianca. She was a pleasure to show and we were thrilled that she made history by being the FIRST mau from England to Grand in CFA!!! This is a real tribute to Melissa's excellent breeding program �across the pond� since taking the maus to England just a few short years ago!

GP Emau�s Abi Almustafa of Ra�s Abi
Grand Premier (GP) � Retired

We were so captivated with the mau personality and exotic looks that it was an easy decision to acquire another mau, our Abi, as a playmate for Arge. We also wanted to try our hand at showing which would allow the public to see this rare breed. After researching for an appropriate name, we chose Abi (the Egyptian word for leopard) and Almustafa (the Arabic word for The Chosen and Beloved). At his very first show in Boston, Abi was awarded a BEST Kitten at four months of age! He continued his show career in Premiership and was our FIRST Grand! Since retiring from show, he spends his time playing with his other spotted buddies, is an ardent nature lover (birds, chipmunks, squirrels and blowing leaves across our backyard excite him to no end!) and can be found napping in �his� chair. He is our only mau that �barks.�


PR Matiki's Argentum of Ra's Abi
the gentle giant

Our first pet Mau, Arge (short for Argentum which means silver in Latin), is known as �the gentle giant� and spends his time grooming, snuggling and playing with the other maus. He is welcomed by our queens to visit their newborns and is amazing to watch during his careful, gentle playtimes with young ones but he zooms around and roughhouses with the adults! Arge never liked showing though he did earn the title of Premier (PR). His show stardom was limited to receiving the Edgefield Cat Show�s Best Cat Rosette from the producer after two days of filming the cat show scenes in Disney�s remake of the movie �That Darn Cat.� Arge was the favorite of all the animal trainers and his cage was always surrounded during the breaks. Alas, most of the scenes ended up on the cutting room floor!


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