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SHOW STARS 2007-2008

The 2007-2008 Show Season was wonderful! Tepi granded in August with points to spare and in the process earned Queen Raya the coveted title of Distinguised Merit (DM). Tepi was Queen Ray's fifth grand, joining Amirah, Benu, Bodi and Orion.


GP Ra's Abi's Sudi Imhotep

aka Tepi

Grand Premier - August 2007

Tepi's Granding earned the title of DM for Queen Raya!

Shelter adoptee Kelsey Belle still enjoys showing and had her best season! Kelsey was the CFA's 4th Best Household Pet in the North Atlantic Region (1st in New England!). In the Happy Household Pet Club, Kelsey was 4th Best HHP in the United States and Canada, the 2nd Best and 2nd Best Shorthair Household Pet in the Northeastern Region.


Kelsey Belle

Show Star
Shelter Adoptee
and wanna be Mau!

Oh - and Great-Great-...Grandma Future went to the Global Egyptian Mau Society Show (GEMS) at the stately age of 9! She had no problem showing all the younsters how a "proper show cat" does it - ranking as the 2nd highest scoring mau in premiership. She still knows how and when to "turn it on" and she and all the judges had a wonderful time!

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