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SHOW STARS 2009-2010 The MAGIC Season

The 2010 show season was certainly the MAGIC season. Magic / Amirah litter-mates Alina and Kanika both earned regional wins! Alina finished as 2nd National Best of Breed, The North Atlantic Region's (NAR) 8th Best Cat, and NAR Best Egyptian Mau. Kanika finished as both the National and NAR Best Egyptian Mau in Premiership and the NAR's 25th Best Prmier.

Alina was certainly the star for the 2009-2010 show season. This elegant girl enjoyed an entire season of travels with Carol. She quickly rose to the #1 Mau in the world and held it for all but the last month of the show season. Alina ended as the Second Best of Breed and the highest scoring Ra'sAbi Mau of all time. She had many Best Cat rosettes to go with her Best Kitten collection.

Late in the season smoke sister Kanika came out and surprised us all by doing very well. Kanika is the total opposite of Alina, a smaller version of her father Magic. She captures your heart with her personality and will knock you out with her head-buts (like her father Magic!). We had given up on her making a regional win when she went and scored almost 300 points at the end of season Global Egyptian Mau show - winning Best Mau Premier in show by a landslide and in the process leaping past 5 regional cats to to take a regional award (25th!).

....and no show season would be complete without Great...grandma Future taking in a local show or two and making finals!!


GC, RW Ra's Abi's Alina

Grand Champion, June 2009

2010 National Second Best of Breed
2010 NAR 8th Best Cat

2009 Global Egyptian Mau Society Show
Second highest scoring Mau
in Championship

CH, GP, RW Ra's Abi's Kanika

Grand Premier, January 2010

2010 NAR 25th Best Premier
2010 Best Egyptian Mau Premier

Smoke Kanika, Alina's sister,
always relaxed ...


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