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SHOW STARS 2011-2012

The season is over with Kelsey, Ari, and Ziva earning Regional and National Recognition. Eli granded and of course Future took in a show.


Kelsey Belle
  National 5th Best Household Pet
  North Atlantic Region BEST Household Pet

GC, GP, RW Ra'sAbi's Ziva
  National 3rd Best Egyptian Mau
  North Atlantic Region 17th Best Cat
  North Atlantic Region Best of Breed

GP, RW Ra'sAbi's Ari
  National 2nd Best Egyptian Mau Premier
  North Atlantic Region 18th Best Premier


This show season belongs to the Alina kittens - Ziva, Ari, and Eli. Kelsey Belle continues to be an exhibitor and spectator favorite in Household Pets. All are doing very well - Kelsey vying for the top spot in the NAR HHP category, while Ziva and Ari battle for top spots Nationally for Eqyptian Mau honors (Ziva 3rd in Championship and Ari 1st in Premiership!).

Oh, and of course Future made it to at least one show to visit some old judging friends - stopped the show while a few tears were shed - and made 2 finals with great-great-great-great grandson Ari (Beating him once!!). All at the age of 13 now!

This might be remembered as the traveling season. Carol had the opportunity to visit and compete in Europe for the first time - Ziva wowed the judges and made finals in Italy and Spain...very exciting!


GC, RW Ra'sAbi Ziva

Regional Winner (RW)

Grand Champion
July 2011

GC Ra's Abi's Elijah

aka Eli

Grand Champion
October 2011



GP, RW Ra's Abi Ari

Regional Winner (RW)

Grand Premier
June 2011

Kelsey Belle

Household Pet (HHP) extraordinnaire
shorthair tortiseshell and white spay

2012 National 5th Best HHP
2012 North Atlantic Region BEST HHP

2011 CFA National Cat Show Competitor
note - first time HHPs allowed to compete
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 CFA NAR Regional Winner
2008 Happy Household Pet Cat Club: 4th Best Cat in US and Canada


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