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SHOW STARS 2012-2013 - The Agility Season

This was the season for the Agility Cats - Eli and Modani, with both placing nationally, Eli - Best in the Nation and Modani 7th!


GC,GP,AG Ra'sAbi's Elijah, aka Eli
  National Best Cat in Agility with 7218 Points
  North Atlantic Region Best Cat in Agility
  Best Cat in Agility at the CFA World Show with a run of 8 seconds
  First Cat to earn Agility Grand Master title in 10 consecutive shows

GC,AM Ra'sAbi's Modani
  National 7th Best Cat in Agility
  North Atlantic Region 2nd Best Cat in Agility
  North Atlantic Region Best of Breed

GC,GP,RW Ra'sAbi's Ziva
  North Atlantic Regions 20th Best Cat in Premiership
  National 3rd Best Egyptian Mau in Premiership


The 2012 Show Season started with a bang. Ziva went to the first show of the season as an open in premiership. She left as Ra'sAbi's first 1-SHOW GRAND, and first 1-SHOW OPEN-to-GRAND! Quite an accomplishment for the little Diva that continues her love of showing. At the World Show in October (largest CFA cat show) Ziva was the hightest scoring mau in Premiership making 4 finals!

Ziva's brother Eli also loves to show and became a Grand Premier midway through the show season. However he also loves to run and has become a feline agility star - becoming the equivalent of an Agility one-show grand, earning the title of Agility Grand Master in the fewest number of shows possible (10). He typically runs the 10 obstacle couse in under 10 seconds. He saved his best time for the World Show - where he granded and ran the course in 8 seconds! This run also moved ihim into first place nationally! Eli is also the first cat in CFA history to obtain the Agility Grand Master title in one show season.

Cousin Modani took to the agility ring just as Eli had and bettered Eli's best time with a run of 7.9 seconds! This always purring kitten granded in short order in April and looks to continue showing in the 2013-2014 season.

HHP Sasha, a sliver classic tabby spay, wowed the judges in the HHP rings taking many Best Cats. In the very competitive North Atlantic Region HHP competition she finished 7th for the season.


GC, GP, RW Ra's Abi's Ziva

Grand Premier, May 2012
FIRST One-Show Grand!!

GC, GP, AG Ra's Abi's Elijah

Grand Premier, October 2012
Agility Grand Master, November 2012



GC, AM, Ra's Abi's Modani

Grand Champion, April 2013
Agility Master, April 2013

GC, GP, AG Ra's Abi's Elijah

Eli in the Agility Course



GC, AM, Ra's Abi's Modani


silver classic tabby spay HHP


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